3 Cute Characters Turn on the Charm in Adorables for Windows Phone

Adorables Windows Phone

With a world filled with the cutest of creatures, its hardly a surprise that this game is called anything else. Adorables brings three one-eyed creatures oozing with the cute factor who want to play soccer, beach ball, last adorable standing, mummy, capture the flag, and ice hockey with you.

The game has three single player modes that includes a practice session where you can play without any pressure; a World Tour where you compete with various national teams from around the world; and Tournament, where you play a game against the computer in tournaments.

Adorables 1

Adorables 2

Adorables 3

Adorables 4

One of the key features of the game is the ability to customize your game characters. You can change the body type, color, eyes, mouth and even add cool hats and headgear to the Adorables, an activity that is sure to delight the kiddies. Some of the customization options are free while others can be purchased using coins earned during play.

As far as the controls go, they are pretty straight forward, you just tap and drag players to set the direction of their movement and then tap the checkmark to get them into action. If you want to increase the pace of the game, you can hit the speed button to get things going. The game even has support for MOGA controller, if you care to play the game on a big screen.

Adorables is a game that’s perfect for the kids, while adults may still enjoy it if they don’t set their expectations too high. The game is available on the Windows Phone Store for free, if you care to take it for a spin.

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