3D Adventure Puzzle Game Firework Apprentice Lights Up the Windows Phone Store

Firework Apprentice Windows Phone

A relatively new game that’s been gracing the Windows Phone Store is Firework Apprentice. This is an adventure game that takes place in a world full of floating islands. You play the firework apprentice who must find his way to the Emperor’s palace for the annual fireworks contest.

However there are loads of obstacles in your way and you must use your fireworks (and intelligence) to solve tricky puzzles and move on. There are 12 floating islands that you must get past, each environment carrying its own unique challenges. All the environments are destructible, so you must take care to use your firework wisely if you want to stay alive.

Firework Apprentice 1

Firework Apprentice 2

Firework Apprentice 3

Firework Apprentice 4

In each island, you are required to complete a brand new objective. Along with solving these objectives you are also required to collect a secret ingredient called moon powder which powers your fireworks. The magic moon powder is hidden everywhere so you have to keep your eyes open if you want to find them.

Firework Apprentice has cute cartoony graphics that are eye-catching but its controls needs a little getting used to. Thankfully, you can trial this game before you buy it off the Windows Phone Store for $1.99.

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