AE Cap Mania for Windows Phone Has You Switching and Matching Bottle Caps for Fun

AE Cap Mania Windows Phone

AE Cap Mania from AE Mobile is a fun puzzle game that has you matching bottle caps, albeit in a slightly more interesting fashion, by swapping the caps diagonally and vertically on a grid. The pretty gameplay screen is littered with different kinds of colorful bottle caps that you must match three or more of the same type by swapping with adjacent caps. As you collect caps, the collection meter starts filling up and when it is a 100 percent complete, you qualify to go to the next round.

AE Cap Mania 1AE Cap Mania 2

At the top of the screen are bonus items which you can use to knock out un-swappable black caps on the board that block the usual flow of play. The game has an interesting collection of bonus caps and you can refill them using coins earned during gameplay or using IAPs. You can also enjoy a fun memory matching game to pick up bonus points.

If you’re a fan of match three games, you will certainly enjoy the refreshing style of play that AE Cap Mania offers. It is available on the Windows Phone Store for the price of free.

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