Aliens and Farm Brings Whac-a-Mole Styled Gameplay to Windows Phone

Sadly, aliens from far reaching galaxies tend to land on our beautiful planet not to enjoy the exotic sceneries or beautiful beach babes. They are in fact a destructive lot who want to steal our resources and make life hell for us. And that’s exactly what they do in the latest colorful game Aliens and Farm that’s landed on the Windows Phone Store.

The bad guys from outer space have landed on our farm and are after our chicken, pigs and sheep and it is up to you to save them. You do that by knock them into the ground, water and other surface, whac-a-mole style. Farm animals will also occasionally appear from under the ground, so watch out for it! You have 4 lives to start with and knocking down a farm animal will cost you one life every time.

Aliens & Farm 1

Aliens & Farm 2

Aliens & Farm 4

Aliens & Farm 43

The game comes with two game modes, Arcade and Survival. There are plenty of levels in the Arcade mode, each one more insane than the next as more and more aliens are introduced at each level. In the Survival mode, your only intention is to survive for as long as you can, as waves upon waves of aliens come at you.

The action in Aliens and Farm comes thick and fast so you need to be highly reflexive if you want to sustain for long. There are cool powerups that will pop out too, ones that slow time, clean out the aliens or give you an additional life. You can aim for the big scores, post them on global leaderboards and challenge your friends to beat you to it.

Aliens and Farms is available for 512MB devices too, and its priced free. Just hit this link to take the game for a spin.

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