Angry Birds Star Wars II on Windows Phone Gets the Rise of the Clones Update

Angry Birds Star Wars II Windows Phone

Angry Birds Star Wars II recently received a new update on the iOS platform which saw a new chapter being added to its dramatic storyline. Thankfully, Windows Phone users didn’t have to wait too long to get the update on their devices.

The new chapter in the game called Rise of the Clones features 40 new levels that come with interesting, never-been-seen-before gameplay elements. For the first time ever, players will take on the swift flowing waters on the stormy Kamino and make use of an extra boost from the air turbines on Coruscant.

Angry Birds Star Wars II 1

Angry Birds Star Wars II 2

Angry Birds Star Wars II 3

Angry Birds Star Wars II 4

Apart from the 20 pork-side levels and the 20 bird-side levels, players can discover four secret levels, two on each side by tracking down hidden maps. The update is also offering players a Last Chance Bird, for those times when an extra bird would have turned the battle in their favor.

For anyone who is yet to play the game, you can buy it from the Windows Phone Store for $0.99. If you have already sunk your time and money into the game, just hit that update button to enjoy all the latest content from the Rise of the Clones.

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