Award Winning Atmospheric Adventure Game Badland Finally Comes to Windows Phone

BADLAND Windows Phone

The mobile gaming industry churns out plenty of games every day but it is not often that a game comes along with unique and innovative gameplay that makes it stand out from the rest. Badland from Frogmind is one such game. It is an atmospheric side-scrolling platformer set in a beautiful forest where something appears to be amiss. You take control of one of the inhabitants of the forest and go on an adventurous journey to discover what is wrong.





The game comes with a single player campaign with 80 unique levels and a local multiplayer mode with 23 levels for up to four players using the same device. There is also a co-op mode built for up to four players that is perfect for playing with friends.

Badland is a standout game with intuitive one-touch controls, immersive audio-visual quality and terrific gameplay. This is a must have game for your Windows Phone, so clean up some space (86 MB download size) on your device, try out a few levels in the trial version, and then pump in $3.99 in the Store to get yourself a truly amazing gaming experience.

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