Award Winning Game, Machinarium, Comes to Windows Phone

Machinarium Cover
Slowly but surely Windows Phone is getting the top games that iOS and Android have been getting for a while. It certainly sucks getting them later than everyone else but better late than never. The latest hit game to finally hit Windows Phone is Amanita Design’s game, Machinarium.

Machinarium Windows Phone (1)Machinarium Windows Phone (2)Machinarium Windows Phone (3)Machinarium Windows Phone (4)

If you don’t know about Machinarium it is basically a point and click adventure game that originated on Steam and now has finally hit all major outlets. It has gotten tons of press coverage and won lots of awards and for good reason to. Machinarium excels in almost every way. Graphically it looks stunning and every scene looks like a work of art or a well done cartoon. This is of course supplemented by a great soundtrack. Gameplay wise, Machinarium is also excellent and features some unique interactive adventure puzzles. If you want a quality game then Machinarium is easily a top choice.

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