Bad Traffic is a Delightful Traffic Control Game for Windows Phone 8

Bad Traffic (1)
Bad traffic. Haven’t we always found ourselves right in the middle of one, especially on one of those ever so important days of our lives? Well, you won’t be fretting over this bad traffic anytime because it’s a game that you can play on your Windows 8 device.

I guess plenty of prayers and swears go up on a bad traffic day agonizing even the spiritual entities. The Guardian Angel and the Devil both seem to be keen on resolving the problem, but in different ways. The angel is promising to help smooth the flow of traffic and resolve the issue sensibly, but the devil…huh…what can you expect? he wants to crush the cars to remedy the situation.

Bad Traffic Windows Phone (2)Bad Traffic Windows Phone (3)Bad Traffic Windows Phone (4)Bad Traffic Windows Phone (5)

You have the power of free will, so you can play on the good side, try out your driving skills on 14 different intersections and keep the flow of traffic smooth and easy. Or you can get on the side of the devil and simply create a terrible wreck, chaos and hell on the road.

As you progress through the game, you can unlock new cars, vehicles with special powers, bulldozers and more. There are over 360 levels in the game that come by way of mission packs Save and Crash. There is also an Endless Play mode where you can hit the map and keep driving until you crash. You earn coins in each level which you can use in the Store to upgrade your gear or purchase powerups.

Sounds like fun? Well, with an angel and a devil to take you through your challenges, it should be. You can download the game for free by clicking the button below.

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