Ballance Resurrection is a Ball Balancing Game for Windows Phone

Ballance Resurrection Windows Phone

There’s a new arcade and puzzle game that has landed on the Windows Phone store that is similar in style to Marble Madness. Its called Balance Resurrection and its all about deftly steering a ball through various complex mazes to its finishing point.

You control the movement of the ball using the phone’s motion sensors but if you prefer, you can also make use of the virtual gamepad on the screen. You’ll most likely fall off the maze a time or two, but luckily you have up to five lives to spare in each game. There are several checkpoints placed at different points in each level allowing you to restart the game from the closest checkpoint from where you fell off.

Ballance Resurrection 1

Ballance Resurrection 2

Ballance Resurrection 3

Ballance Resurrection 4

The ball itself can be changed from a wood to a paper or stone ball, depending on the type of platform you’re navigating through. You have to strategically choose the ball type depending on the platform you’re in, which makes it a lot more challenging and fun.

As always, with such type of games, you have collectibles to pick up and they come in the form of glowing orbs. The game starts off in a challenging mode and keeps getting tougher as you progress through each stage. The controls take a bit of time getting used to, but if you spend a bit of time on it, you’ll get the hang of it.

Ballance Resurrection can be a little frustrating if you’re not the patient sort, but played in short bursts, it can be good fun. You can pick up the game from the Windows Phone Store for free.

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