Best Windows Phone Games to Train Your Brain

Whoever says video games are bad for you has no idea what they are talking about! Plenty of games stretch those brain muscles and can improve your intelligence or at least aspects of it. Most of these games come in the form of interesting puzzle games that put your reflexes, memory, math skills and more to the test. To help you find which games will actually help your brain out we made a best brain games for Windows Phone list! All of these games on this list are great and will give you that little brain boost.

Catch Windows Phone


The premise of Catch by Loon Apps is simple. In each level there are various colored stars around in a grid like pattern. The goal is to connect the like colored stars, however you can’t cross different colored paths and there is usually only one or two correct configurations to win. Basically think Flow but with stars and with a few more challenges like tunnels and bridges. Catch has 160 total levels with the first 40 being free and there are different difficulty packs to buy as well.

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Flow Free Windows Phone

Flow Free

Piggybacking right off of Catch on the list is the original line drawing game, Flow Free. Flow Free has tons more free levels than all its inspired offspring and that is why it is still very much relevant. In fact there are over 1,000 free levels. In addition to the free levels there are plenty of other difficulty packs and such you can buy for more Flow fun. Such packs include Classic, Bonus, Bridges, Mania, and Jumbo level packs. Flow Free also features a freeplay mode as well as a timed mode. Can’t miss out on this classic.

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Dots  Windows Phone


Another popular puzzle game makes the list; Dots. Dots is the quintessential minimalistic puzzle game and as such is in top 5 lists everywhere. The idea behind Dots is you are giving a huge grid full of different colored dots. You then make squares (or rings) out of like colored dots which get rid of all the dots within that area. Time is not on your side in Dots so you only have 60 seconds per game. However, that makes Dots super addicting as you just want to play one more game over and over again.

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Strata Windows Phone


Strata is one of the more unique puzzle brain games to make our Windows Phone list. The idea is to strategically layer colored ribbons on top of each other to form a pattern for each level. There is only one solution per level and Strata really forces you to sit back and think about your decisions and look at the puzzles in a 3D-ish world. There are hundreds of levels and they get extremely challenging. Strata is simple and a gorgeous game graphically to play.

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Enigmatis-2  Windows Phone

Enigmatis 2

Enigmatis 2 is the only game on our best brain games list that is actually a puzzle based story adventure game! All the rest are little puzzles but Enigmatis 2 will really engage you. The story behind this point and click adventure game is you play as a detective hot on the trails of the demonic preacher from the first game. You find yourself in Ravenwood Park and things look sinister. In general, Enigmatis 2 is a full puzzling adventure that will have you solving various puzzles and figuring out the story.

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Unroll It Windows Phone

Unroll It

Remember the classic game Pipedream? Where you try and make an uninterrupted pipe from beginning to end without the flowing water catching up to you? Unroll It is pretty much that concept but with a slowly rolling ball on sliding wooden pieces. However, Unroll It is slightly more sophisticated as you can move the pieces while the ball is on it and even go backwards and reuse “old” pieces. It is high intensity and will really make you try and figure out the path as quickly as possible!

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4 Pics 1 Word Windows Phone

4 Pics 1 Word

Think you are super smart? 4 Pics 1 Word puts that to the test and has you trying to guess one word with just four picture clues to go with it. Of course, 4 Pics 1 Word starts out easy enough but soon enough you will be racking your brain to figure out what connection could these pictures actually have! As of now there are over 300 levels and they can certainly be stompers! You can use in game coins if you’re stumped but what’s the fun in that! See if you can figure it all out.

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Blocked In  Windows Phone

Blocked In Free

Blocked In Free is a mobile game adaptation of a really old classic game. The premise is to get the red block out of the grid that is full of all other blocks of all shapes and sizes. To do this you can move blocks vertically or horizontally. Simple concept but Blocked In Free can really be a tough one to crack. There are over 600 puzzles in Blocked In Free with two different game modes. Blocked In Free really takes the classic idea and modernizes it making it a perfect brain game.

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