Beyond Gravity is a Fun Space Platformer for your Windows Phone

Beyond Gravity Windows Phone

Space games are not my particular favorite, but there’s something about Beyond Gravity that simply draws me in. Hopping about from one spinning planet to the next and grabbing stuff while doing so tends to take the mind away from the noise around leaving you feeling pleasantly satisfied and Beyond Gravity does that for me.

The main plot behind the game revolves around a space guy whose happy journey is interrupted when his ship gets hit by an asteroid and he crashes into a nearby planet. The ship has been shattered and scattered all over the galaxy and you must help him collect all the various nuts and bolts that can hopefully help him rebuild his ship.

Beyond Gravity 1

Beyond Gravity 2

Beyond Gravity 3

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Planets as you know have a tendency to rotate and you’ll have to time your jump perfectly so that you can collect the space junk that hangs between planets and land safely on the next one. As you progress deeper into the game you’ll find the planets spinning at a faster speed with obstacles and difficulties such as flaming asteroids standing in your way.

Tapping the screen will make you jump, holding the Windows screen will stop the planet from rotating and releasing your hold will complete the jump action. If you miss the jump, you’ll dive into the deep empty spaces of space never to be seen again. Or at least until the next round!

The main aim in Beyond Gravity is to jump as far as you can and collect as much junk as possible. You can exchange your junk for cool bonuses such as extra jump speed or a magnet to attract more junk. You can also earn bonus stuff by completing missions.

Beyond Gravity is a fun, challenging game that is available on the Windows Phone Store for $0.99. Check it out and tell us what you think of the game.

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