Bike Mania 2 Lands on Windows Phone with More Content and Challenging Terrain

Bike Mania 2 Cover

If you are a fan of motocross games, then you have most likely played Bike Mania. If not, you can always check out its successor, Bike Mania 2, which comes with plenty of fresh content.

In the game, you take your bike for a spin over some hazardous terrains, all meticulously laid out for you in true HD style across 100 levels. Aztec, Pyramid, and Industrial zones are the hotspots where the action takes place with tracks riddled with plenty of obstacles that include moving platforms, swinging bridges and falling boulders. Trust me, you’ll be doing your best to hold on your life all the way to the finish line.

Bike Mania 2 Windows Phone (2)

Bike Mania 2 Windows Phone (3)

Bike Mania 2 Windows Phone (4)

Bike Mania 2 Windows Phone (1)

No bike racing game is complete without a little customization and Bike Mania 2 come with its share of them including options to configure your chassis, wheels, helmets and rider suits. If you like to challenge your friends to a round or two of racing, no worries. Bike Mania 2 lets you go multiplayer and enjoy some friendly competition too!

Bike Mania 2 can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Store for free. You can unlock each level as you progress through the game, but if you wish to unlock all 100 levels in one go, you can do so by spending $2.49 via IAPs. A Windows 8 version is on the works for fans who love to play it on your laptops and PCs. Keep an eye out for it.

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