Braveland Brings Old School Strategy to Windows Phone

Braveland Windows Phone

If you like old school turn-based strategy games then Braveland by Tortuga Team may be right up your alley. Braveland is inspired by old school turn-based strategy classics and has you playing a young humble warrior’s son whose village was recently raided. From there you rise out of your humble beginnings to raise your own army.

Braveland 1

Braveland 2

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Gameplay is definitely inspired by old school turn-based strategy games which is a great aspect. Braveland, however, has new age twists on everything and a lot of content to boot. For instance there are over 25 different warriors and creatures you can use and battle. These range from goblins to golems to ice guardians. Another great thing about Braveland is that it is told sort of storybook style and everything is brightly colored and well drawn. Each story chapter comes complete with epic boss fights and the story itself will take you all over this fictional world. Your hero can be upgraded as well as your army. In general Braveland is a great game with a lot of content to play through.

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