Bring Harmony to the Kingdom in Witch Potion

Witch Potion Windows Phone

If you’re in the mood for a neat puzzle game then check out Witch Potion for Windows Phone. It is a rather typical match-2 puzzle game where you match items together to make potions in an effort to clear the kingdom of black magic!

Witch Potion 1

Witch Potion 2

Witch Potion 3

Witch Potion

Specifically there are over 120 levels in Witch Potion that have you ultimately helping out a cast of magical and supernatural creatures. Gameplay of Witch Potion is fairly straightforward. Levels have various elements scattered throughout and you can move them about. Match two like elements to create potions. Levels also have various goals/special conditions to make things more interesting. Another interesting feature is a gravity meter in which after a certain amount of moves the elements float up or float down. Overall, Witch Potion is fairly different than most other puzzle games so it is good to see something more unique.

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