Build Your Perfect City in Virtual City on your Windows 8

Virtual City Cover
City building games have always had their place in the video gaming community. Look at Sim City (actually all the Sims games) and then more recent social city building games like Farmville and co. Building a city is interesting and addictive to people for sure. Virtual City by G5 Entertainment takes on the daunting task of a city building game and comes out with a great finished product.

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In Virtual City you literally have to control every aspect of your city. Building it is the first step but then managing it with jobs, new industry, transportation, etc. will keep you on your toes. Virtual City is a more episodic city builder game than a sandbox game but there are 50 levels spanning different US states. From there there are 18 different mission types that you’ll have to deal with. As for straight city building you’ll have over 50 types of buildings to utilize, 25 types of goods to manufacturer, and 7 upgrade chains to use. Can you build the perfect city full of happiness? Check out Virtual City on the Windows Store today!

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