Building a Business Empire on your Windows Phone is Fun with Big Business Deluxe

Big Business Deluxe Windows Phone

Game Insight have plenty of fun city building games to their credit including 2020 My Country and Airport City. The Russian developers’ latest city building game for Windows Phone is called Big Business Deluxe, which has you attempting to put your business acumen to the test.

In the game, you start off with a small milling plant on a farm. You convert the farm grown grains to flour, buy vehicles and other production facilities and turn your raw materials into saleable commodities. You also build homes for the work force to live in, set up other amenities such as restaurants, swimming pools, windmills and power-generating structures to bolster your city.

Big Business Deluxe 1

Big Business Deluxe 2

Big Business Deluxe 3

Big Business Deluxe 4

The game has optional side quests as well as multi-tiered quests, and completing the quests will reward you with coins and experience. When you earn enough experience you will level up and unlock more buildings and items. The game is also socially engaging with players having the ability to visit friend’s cities, send each other gifts, and even write on other player’s walls.

Big Business Deluxe is your typical city building game with fun quests and engaging gameplay. Its available on the Windows Phone Store for the price of free. Do check it out if you are a fan of the genre.

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