Buried Treasure and Hidden Dangers Await You in Slingcat for Windows Phone

Slingcat Windows Phone

Who says you can’t be a cat and have fun adventures while you’re at it? Slingcat for Windows Phone is an action platformer that arms you with only a bow and sends you on a mission to find buried treasures.

Dangers come in the form of charging bulls, boulder-carrying canaries, and bomb dropping vultures. Slingcat’s motion is automatic so you will be focusing your attention on avoiding the obstacles strewn along your path. You can jump over the pitfalls or use the obstacles as platforms to jump off them. Along the way, you will collect coins that will be used to fill your quiver with arrows. However, you are just as likely to lose coins if you take a hit from the obstacles. If you get hit too many times or if you miss a jump its game over.

Slingcat (1)

Slingcat (2)

Slingcat (3)

Slingcat (4)

Apart from the usual platforming challenge, you also have another one to tackle and that one involves busting the safe box at the end of a level. If you manage to successfully defeat all your enemies and bust open the safe, you’ll pick up all the wonderful treasures and unlock the next adventure in the game.

Slingcat is a fast paced game where the action gets progressively hard as you play. The animations are tastefully done and if you’re looking for a casual entertainer, you can’t look past this one.

Check it out on the Windows Phone Store for $2.49.

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