Can You Keep Up? New Windows Phone Game Tap Master: Mondrian Keeps You Frantic

Tap Master Mondrian Windows Phone

You may recognize the name “Mondrian” and become super excited to hear about the new game from MiniChimeria called Tap Master: Mondrian. This is because the whole game is inspired by the minimalist style of Piet Mondrian. Tap Master: Mondrian itself is a relatively simple game that has you tapping colored shapes like a madman.

Tap Master Mondrian 1

Tap Master Mondrian 2

The twist here with Tap Master: Mondrian is that you tap these colored shapes as the game directs you to. So sort of a game that tests your reflexes and how quick you can think.So for example, gameplay starts and colored shapes start raining down. The game direction says Up so you can only tap shapes that correspond with that directional ruling. Of course things keep getting harder and harder till you eventually lose. Tap Master: Mondrian is simplicity at its best and it really fits the Mondrian minimalist style extremely well.

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