Can You Solve the Mystery? Another Case Solved Comes To Windows

Another Case Solved Windows Phone

If you’ve ever wanted to be a detective or just play as the role then Another Case Solved will give you that chance. Another Case Solved is actually a very interesting and detailed game that sort of plays like a collection of fun little mini games but then ties it all together to actually solve some detailed mysteries.

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The meat of Another Case Solved is in the collection of mini games that help you ultimately solve the crimes. These include variants of match-3 gameplay, Guess Who?, hot and cold and logic based games. Each of these helps you in a particular way. For instance you start out with the match-3 gameplay to gain powers for later as well as figuring out the first layer of information. You then play a little Guess Who type game to find a suspect and follow up with some logic puzzles to find out where they are and what you’re ultimately looking for. The stories in Another Case Solved also are fairly well done if a bit silly. However, they will keep you entertained and coming back for more. In general, Another Case Solved is pretty detailed as well as addicting and will keep you coming back for more.

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