Car Chasing Game Pako for Windows Phone Goes Premium

Tree Men Games’ car chasing Pako started off as a single level game where you had to keep driving around a mall parking lot, trying to avoid ramming into obstacles while simultaneously dodging chasing cops. If you played the game before, you will know that the game is extremely challenging on account of the absence of brakes leaving you constantly in motion and trying to hang on for as long as you can. The game also quickly picked up an update which brought a fresh new car and an extra level in Surburbia. Now we can tell you that the game has gone premium.

Pako Premium 1

Pako Premium 2

Pako Premium 3

Pako Premium 4

The premium version is completely ad-free and there are three new levels Cemetery, Highway, and Square to enjoy now. In the Cemetery round, you drive a funeral car (surprise! surprise!), which is quite long and slow. The fun factor here is knocking down zombies, which adds a few seconds to the clock. In the Highway round, you drive a seriously slow minivan that won’t let you outrun the cops, so you will have to strategically manoeuvre your way around other cars (on the two highways) in the hopes of making the cops collide with other vehicles. In the Square level, you drive a rickshaw, which is surprisingly fast but that’s only to give you a slight advantage as you’ll be outrunning cops and avoiding getting shot by tanks!

There’s really no excuse not to try this fun, endless car chaser game on your Windows Phone. If you pick up Pako Premium now, you can get it at a special launch price of $0.99. The price will double when the offer expires.

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