Catorize Leaps Onto Windows Phone 8 With A Meow

Catorize Windows Phone (1)
Who doesn’t love cats? According to the internet no one! So it is no surprise that cat themed apps and games abound and are some of the most popular ones. Catorize by Arthur Semenov is a very popular cat themed game originally for iOS and Android that has finally made the jump to Windows Phone 8.

Catorize Windows Phone (2)Catorize Windows Phone (3)
Gameplay of Catorize is simple. You simply tap the screen to make your cat character jump onto various platforms to collect colored stones. Of course along the way you want to avoid pit falls, spikes and other hazards. The jumping aspect of Catorize is more similar to Angry Birds than you would think as you kind of launch your cat instead of controlling him like in a platformer. This makes the controls super easy and you can even do it all with one finger. It is safe to say that Catorize is an extremely addicting app. You can download Catorize for free over on the Windows Store and get it for you own Windows Phone 8 today.

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