City Building Game 2020: My Country Now Available on Windows 8

2020 My Country Windows 8 (1)
The sequel to the popular city building game My Country has now landed on the Windows Store. That means you can now download and play the popular 2020: My Country on your Windows 8 desktops and laptops too.

2020 is set in a futuristic metropolis where you are tasked with establishing your city starting with offices and moving on to other buildings, roads, and business houses. All tasks happen in real time so you will need to wait for them to be completed or use the highly limited resource of energy to move ahead at a quicker pace.
2020 My Country Windows 8 (2)2020 My Country Windows 8 (3)
There are plenty of things to do that can keep you distracted for hours; items to collect, citizens to save (from natural calamities such as earthquakes, floods, and even alien invasions), income to pick up, buildings to customize and so on. You can only go so far with the in-game currency though, and may be tempted to do some real-world-currency purchasing when things slow down greatly.

For the social gamer, 2020 offers plenty of opportunity to engage with friends. You can invite them over to your city, check out theirs, send and receive daily building gifts, interact with their buildings and so on.
2020 My Country Windows 8 (4)2020 My Country Windows 8 (5)
2020: My Country is also gorgeous looking, with detailed graphics, beautiful background scores and lively animations that will make you want to live in it forever. If you wish to enjoy this game on the bigger screen, do check it out on the Windows Store. Its available for the price of free.

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