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While the name, Clan Defenders, may sound like another Clash of Clans clone rest assured that it is not. In fact, Clan Defenders is the total opposite of a MMOPG strategy game and instead is a full on action shooter! Setting wise you are in 10000 B.C. when the evil Lord Balong arrives to try and take over the island. It is up to you and your family to fight him off using everything you’ve got!

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Since this is basically set in caveman times your weapons in Clan Defenders are rudimentary at first. Sticks, stones, catapults, etc. All together there are 15 weapons you can use and you can have three equipped at a time. All weapons can also be upgraded with coins you gain by playing. You also have magic spells at your side and can cause blizzards, meteor showers and more. The choices continue in Clan Defenders as there are three players you can choose from and each has their own pros and cons. Gameplay is wave based and you’ll need to defend yourself in over 100 levels set in ten locales. Clan Defenders looks amazing graphically and gameplay wise and now it is available for Windows Phone. Get it today!

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