Classic Word Game Hangman Pro is Now Available on the Windows Store

Hangman Pro for Windows

Word game fanatics with a Windows PC, it is time to return to the classics. The popular pencil and paper game Hangman just got a lot more easy to play. It is now available on the Windows Store for free (despite its Pro title tag) and you can get your hands on it right away by clicking here.

If you’ve never played Hangman before, the rules are pretty simple. You have to guess a letter in the word that is laid out for you. If you get it wrong, one part of your body is drawn on the hangman’s gallows. If you guess the word before 7 counts, you will be saved from the noose or its life over. Hangman Pro couldn’t be any more simpler, yet it is a game that is hard to put away once you get started. You can play the game all by yourself, or if you’ve got company, you can play with another person too. In single player mode, you simply have to guess the word that the computer generates for you, but if you are playing with someone else, you can take turns in completing the riddle. Hangman Pro comes with seven categories but you can unlock four extra ones if you rate the game.

Hangman Pro would have been a whole lot more fun if it offered online multiplayer options, but for now, fans will just have to do with what’s on board. The good thing though is that players can rack up some big scores and compete for leaderboard glory. If you are looking for a fun casual time killer, this one is worth checking out.

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