Color Your Puzzle World with Hues for Windows Phone

If you loved puzzle games Threes and 2048, here’s a similar themed game you can add to your Windows collection. The game is called Hues and its all about pairing cards of the same color to build big scores. The game features a 4×4 grid that is filled up with cards of various colors. You must slide the cards either vertically or horizontally to match them with other cards of the same color. When the match is complete, the card changes its color and you must then proceed to match the next card. Similar to 2048, moving cards have the effect of shifting the grid itself.

Hues 1

Hues 2

Hues comes with three gaming modes; the Timed mode is where you must match as many as you can in 60 seconds; in the Moves mode you match as many as you can in 75 moves; and in the Endless mode you match as many as you can until you have no more moves left. When your game ends, your cards (each of which have a value) are totalled and your score is determined. You can pick up powerups during the course of a game, which will help you boost your scores, but you can also buy them from the Game Store using coins earned during gameplay. For players who like to show off their big scores to the world, there’s an online leaderboard system available.

Hues is a casual game that you can play in short bursts, when you’re commuting in the bus, or when you need a short diversion from whatever you’re doing. The game is available on the Windows Phone Store for the price of free.

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