Color Sheep for Windows Phone is a Case of Sheep in Colored Clothing

Color Sheep Windows Phone

Color Sheep is a colorful fast paced action arcade game where you play a knighted sheep called Sir Woolson who must defend the kingdom from the vicious wolves of Wolfcano who are out to steal light and color from the world.

Shooting down wolves in this game is quite bizarre. The incoming wolves comes in different colors and you must match the color of the wolves’ coats with Sir Woolson’s fleece to shoot them down. The screen displays three primary colors, red, green, and blue and a couple of buttons that indicate the lightness or brightness of the colors. You must swipe one or more combination of buttons to create the desired color that will kill off the wolves.

Color Sheep 1

Color Sheep 2

Color Sheep 3

Color Sheep 4

Additionally, fallen wolves will drop special magical spells that you can use to slow down or incinerate hordes of incoming wolves. The difficulty in the game obviously comes from trying to get the right shade of colors and since you have over 20 color combinations to remember, it will take a bit of playing to get used to how they all come together.

If any one of the wolves touch you, the game is over and you start all over again. So while there isn’t more variety to the game, you can focus on beating your own scores, or if you prefer, challenge your social friends and beat them to the top of the leaderboards.

The game comes with a fair bit of warning for those who are susceptible to color blindness. If you don’t have any such problems, jump into the Windows Phone Store and pick up the game for $0.99.

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