Covy Rush Hops Onto Windows Phone

Covy Rush

In the mood for another endless runner game for your Windows Phone? What about an endless jumper? If so check out Covy Rush by Loon Apps that features a cute bunny mascot hopping along endlessly. Of course, you’ll also get all your favorite features in this endless runner.

Covy Rush (1)Covy Rush (2)Covy Rush (3)Covy Rush (4)

As mentioned above, gameplay in Covy Rush has you playing as a bunny hopping along an endless obstacle course. You also collect carrots for points as you go about. The jumping aspect of Covy Rush is actually more difficult than just tapping to jump over blocks. Instead you sort of tap the screen, then drag a line to change the intensity/trajectory of the jump. This means that gameplay takes more time and skill than just mindless tapping, which has some major pros and cons. So overall if you want a game for your Windows Phone that is similar to an endless runner but has a little bit more pzazz then check out Covy Rush.

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