Dark Lands Gets Updated On Windows Phone

Dark Lands Windows Phone

The incredibly popular endless runner, Dark Lands, has just been updated this morning to allow for cloud saving. This is great news not only for owners of the Dark Lands app but in general as hopefully this shows that cloud saving is becoming more and more prevalent in mobile gaming.

Dark Lands Windows Phone (1)

Dark Lands Windows Phone (2)

Dark Lands Windows Phone (3)

Dark Lands Windows Phone (4)

If you’re unfamiliar with the Dark Lands game it is an endless runner by Mingle Games. However, it combines the typical endless runner features with action combat and RPG elements. Not only that but the graphics are stunning and you’ll find yourself addicted almost instantly. So this update gives the ability to upload your save files to a cloud saving system. With this you can transfer your game to another Windows Phone or even an iOS or Android device. However, I should note that this is tied in with a Facebook login. But, I suppose it is the price to pay for a nice saving feature. You can check out Dark Lands today on the Windows Store!

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