Death Works at Earning Friends in Cute Zombie Puzzler Deadlings

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In a welcome change of events, Windows Phone users can gloat on the fact that a fun looking puzzle game has launched on the Windows platform ahead of Android and iOS. The game in question is called Deadlings and it is the brainchild of Polish developers Artifex Mundi, who have plenty of great hidden object games to their credit on the Windows platform.

Deadlings comes with a kooky storyline. Death is apparently lonely and without friends. Every time he tries to meet someone they think he’s come to get their soul. And so, he comes upon a novel idea to make friends. By making the dead rise. Death calls it Project Deadlings and goes on to buy a factory and set up a laboratory where he will train his zombie minions.

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The laboratory itself is a massive maze that get more complicated and deadly as you go into the deeper levels. The deadlings themselves are of different types, each type carrying specific skills and abilities. For instance there’s Bonesack who are extremely agile, Creep, as you probably guessed are good at climbing walls and ceilings, and Stencher, who can send out powerful gas! As a player, you must use all of these abilities to successfully avoid the deadly traps and obstacles in the maze and complete the training.

Deadlings comes with two game modes, arcade and strategy and there are four different worlds to figure your way through. Cool cartoony graphics, atmospheric music, and a free trial version all make this game a worthy download.

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If you have a Windows Phone 8, grab Deadlings here. If you want to play the game on Windows 8 and RT, here’s where you can download it.

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