Deliver Animals to the Zoo with your Expert Driving Skills in Snuggle Truck for Windows Phone

Snuggle Truck Windows Phone

Owlchemy Labs’ Snuggle Truck is a fun physics based game featuring loads of zoo animals. In the game, you are entrusted with driving your truck to the zoo and delivering your cargo as safely and quickly as you can.

What’s really entertaining about Snuggle Truck is its hilarious gameplay. As you bump and grind your truck over your obstacle-ridden path, you’ll find your precious cargo flying off the vehicle. You must endeavor to catch as many of them as you can before they hit the ground. Mind you, if you don’t make it to your destination with at least one animal intact, you fail the level. Powerups in the game are also aplenty from rocket boosters to animal saving nets and you’ll definitely have fun making use of these creative powers to balance your truck load of animals and succeed in your missions.

As far as the game’s controls go, you tap on the left side of the screen to brake or drive in reverse, while tapping on the right side makes you move forward. Additionally, you can tilt your phone to adjust the angle of your fast moving vehicle as it bumps up and down the rocky paths.

Snuggle Truck 1

Snuggle Truck 2

Snuggle Truck 3

Snuggle Truck 4

Snuggle Truck also features plenty of fun side missions. You pick up bronze, silver, or gold medals depending on how many animals you deliver and special medals such as the Ark medal if you complete a level with no more than one animal down and the Speed Run medal if your completion times are really quick.

The game has enough built in levels to keep you good company for hours, but you also have the option to download new community levels or create some of your own. A simple and intuitive level editor will let you create your own truck, set your obstacles, choose your powerups and such and you can save your settings to complete the build.

The game’s colorful and vibrant graphics adds to its attractive gameplay. You can pick up Snuggle Truck from the Windows Phone Store for a discounted price of $1.99.

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