Dengen Chronicles Brings Comic Fun To Windows Phone

Dengen Chronicles

Comics have always been a great form of media that has its fair share of fans. People love comics due to the format and style and as such there are lots of different themed comics all around. Dengen Chronicles by Mangatar brings the thrill of comics to Windows Phone in a well executed card game.

Dengen Chronicles (1)Dengen Chronicles (2)

Dengen Chronicles brings the Manga world to Windows Phone and is a mix of trading card games and RPGs. There are four Manga families to choose from; ninja, fantasy, robot and school. Each school has of course different themed cards of which you make your own deck with. Everything in Dengen Chronicles is turn based and you can play against AI or real people, so you can have multiple games going on at once. Dengen Chronicles has tons of customizable options and the ability to play as many games as you want at once is a great selling point. If you like trading card games then Dengen Chronicles is one you should check out on the Windows Store.

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