Dhoom 3: Jet Speed Zooms into The Windows Phone Store

Dhoom 3 Jet Speed Windows Phone

Dhoom 3: The Game, a popular Bollywood movie tie-in turned out to be a surprisingly big hit with over 12 million downloads when it landed on the Windows Phone Store as an endless runner last year. Spurred on by the success of the game, publishers 99games have pulled out another rabbit from the hat, this time with its sequel Dhoom 3: Jet Speed.

The game carries on its high speed chase action, this time on the Chicago river. You play the anti-hero Sahir, who is on the run from the cops. He makes use of his high powered Aqua Jet to dodge traffic and obstacles standing in his way.

Dhoom 3 Jet Speed 1

Dhoom 3 Jet Speed 2

Dhoom 3 Jet Speed 3

Dhoom 3 Jet Speed 4

The game features 3 gaming modes; an Endless mode where you can aim for top scores, a Challenge Mode to compete with friends, and an Escape Mode where you have to race against the clock for victory. There are also some cool powerups you can pick up to gain an advantage in the game, and use your collectibles to upgrade your aqua jet.

As far as the controls go, you have the option to choose between virtual buttons and tilt controls with options to customize the accelerometer sensitivity to give you better control over your ride. Stunning water simulations and beautiful graphics are the extra perks in this exiting game.

Dhoom 3: Jet Speed is available for free on the Windows Phone Store. Give it a whirl if you’re a fan!

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