Disney Brings Chinese Hero XYY to its Popular Puzzle Game Where’s my Water? for Windows

Disney’s Where’s my Water? series is a fun, enjoyable puzzle game that features lovable Disney characters trying to figure out how they can move resources from a certain point toward them. Disney has brought out a new chapter in the game called WMW? XYY, which you can enjoy playing on your Windows Phone or Windows 8 device.


The title itself may spell out a bit weird but considering that the action is set in China and a popular Chinese TV character by the name of XiYangYang is making an appearance, you can forgive the absurdity.

The story goes that XYY is a happy little sheep living on a green hillside with his family and friends. The Big Bad Wolf who lives on the other side wants to capture the sheep to make his favorite lamb meal. How you help XYY outsmart the wolf and save the friends forms the game play.

WMW XYY Windows (1)WMW XYY Windows (2)WMW XYY Windows (3)WMW XYY Windows (4)

You will be doing pretty much the same things as you did in previous games – digging through dirt and stuff to reroute water to XYY. However new elements such as fire and oil come into play here adding a bit more variety to gameplay. Powerups are also available if you manage to pick up the three bells in each level. You can enjoy 80 engaging puzzles in this Chinese themed version and if you pick up collectibles you’ll unlock some bonus ones too.

The Windows Phone version of the game will cost you $0.99, but if you prefer a Windows 8 version, you’ll have to cough up $4.99.

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