Disney Enchants Windows Gamers with the Sega Classic Castle of Illusion

Castle Of Illusion Windows Phone

Disney has been ramping up its game collection on the Windows platform of late and has unleashed yet another beauty, Castle of Illusion on both the Windows Store as well as its Phone Store. The game itself is a Sega Genesis classic and for those who never ventured into it before, you get to play the dashing evergreen hero Mickey who must save his sweetheart Minnie from the clutches of the evil witch Mizrabel, who has locked her up in the Castle of Illusion.

As you can imagine, the journey to the castle is fraught with dangers. Mickey must travel through enchanted forests, overcome powerful minions, take on armies of rebellious toys, uncover hidden challenges and even travel through living books to get to his sweetheart.

Castle Of Illusion 1

Castle Of Illusion 2

Castle Of Illusion 3

Castle Of Illusion 4

The game has 5 magical worlds to play through and the launch trailer looks very appetizing indeed. There’s just a slight dampener though and this comes in the form of the game cost. You’d better be prepared to give up $9.99 if you want to play the game on your Windows Phone or a whopping $14.99 if you want it on your Windows PC. And don’t expect to catch a glimpse of the game beforehand as there is no trial version either.

If you love Disney Games way too much and don’t mind paying through your nose to play this one, you can pick it from the Windows Store or the Windows Phone Store by clicking the buttons below.

Windows 8 Store Windows Phone Store

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