Disney Solitaire Comes to Windows 8 with OneDrive Support

Disney Solitaire (1)

Who doesn’t love playing solitaire at least occasionally? No one is who! Well if you like playing solitaire and also have an affinity for all things Disney you are in for a treat as Disney has brought Disney Solitaire to Windows 8.1! The game is exactly as you can imagine. Disney characters populating the classic solo card game.

Disney Solitaire (2)Disney Solitaire (3)

Disney Solitaire is more than just your typical solitaire game though. It features 120 levels with two modes of play. There is adventure mode which has more challenge based solitaire games and then a freestyle mode which is your typical game. Since this is Disney themed and all, Disney Solitaire features animated clips, songs and more from all your favorite Disney movies. There are powerups and boosts for use in the challenge levels as well giving a new age twist on the classic gameplay. Of course a big aspect of Disney Solitaire is that it completely syncs with Microsoft’s OneDrive so you can play the same account on all your Windows devices. Disney Solitaire is a great solitaire game all around, so check it out now!

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