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Science claim that little girls playing with dolls are actually learning about the society around them, that their game is actually a very important part of their maturing. As we know, various top selling dolls come in many varieties, so you can fit them into particular roll. Dragon maker kind of surpasses that limitation because dragons (and smart humans) do not care much if their attire is of certain society-believed misalignment. If you ever had a burning desire to have a dragon with which you can play dress-up or “tune it’ the way you like, now you have the excuse to push your kid out of the way and establish supremacy on Windows Phone gaming in the house. Dragon maker is kind of like the mix of Tamagochi light and dress-up, offering best of both worlds.

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This fun game for children allows you to customize your dragon in hundreds of variations and even pet him to talk but be careful because even these little dragonlings can breathe fire in cool animations. You will find various “dragon parts” in the chests (refilled in infinite loop) but marshmallows also, your pet’s favorite treat.

Make your own dragon for $1.99.

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