Dream of Pixels, the Tetris Game That is Played in Reverse Comes to Windows Phone

Dream of Pixels Windows phone

Tetris is a game that has been the inspiration for many a good mobile title. Dream of Pixels is a game that takes the concept of Tetris and does something to it that no one has thought of before – play it in reverse.

In the game you are looking at an infinite wall comprising tetromino blocks. You must break down the blocks from the walls and let them fall down. Since the wall is continually moving downwards, you must try and remove the lines of blocks before they hit the bottom.

Dream of Pixels 1

Dream of Pixels 2

Just as with Tetris, the game starts out easy, but gets progressively tougher and you soon find yourself frantically tapping away at the wall at a breathless pace. The game comes with six play modes (Classic, Freefall, Puzzle, Pro, Nightmare and Shattered Dream) and a cool and calm Zen Puzzle mode that you can play when you want to take things slower.

Dream of Pixels has great music, stunning visuals and enjoyable gameplay and is available from the Windows Phone Store for $2.99.

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