Drop 7 Comes to Windows Phone as a Fake

Drop 7 Windows Phone (1)

If you’re browsing around the Windows Phone store you may see a familiar title that surprises you. Drop 7 on Windows Phone? Did Zynga start publishing their games on Windows now? Unfortunately the answer is no. Drop 7 has come to Windows Phone but as a copied fake by a company called Zanga. Extremely weird that Xbox/Microsoft has published this unlicensed game that is obviously breaking copyright laws.

Drop 7 Windows Phone (2)

Drop 7 Windows Phone

This Drop 7 game by “Zanga” is full of sketchy happenstances as well. The description lists online leader boards, of which they actually don’t exist. The screenshots used include the developer Area Code (aka Zynga New York) of which the real game doesn’t have that. There is also no real contact information for Zanga. All of these are red flags for a blatant copied game. I do suppose that their version of Drop 7 does play like the original/real one so if you want to support a sketchy developer in order to get your puzzle fix then have at it.

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