Dual Stick Shooter That Will Have You Seeing RED Comes to Windows

RED. Windows Phone

If you’re a fan of shooter games, you know that there’s nothing more satisfying than the thrill of taking down waves upon waves of badass enemies. Then there’s the added benefit of dissipating all that anger that you’ve been building up over the week at your workplace!

RED. 1

RED. 2

RED. 3

RED. 4

RED. the new game from Knife Media has you playing Rick Steele, who is out to battle invading mutants in his home city. The villainous mutants are not just disgusting and dirty, they will stop at nothing until they have consumed everything in sight. Unlike the pied piper who only had a musical instrument as his weapon, you get to make use of a variety of powerups, skills, and abilities to take on the menace.

RED. has some impressive 3D graphics, a humorous illustrated storyline and loads of gore. It is available on the Windows Phone Store for $2.99. If you think that’s too pricey, you can check out the Trial version of the game before you buy.

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