EA Celebrates Tetris’ 30th Anniversary with a Big Update

Tetris Blitz is a game with a very simple concept. You must arrange falling Tetris blocks in neat lines to make them disappear off the screen, and you must do it as quickly as possible before the time runs out. Despite being a simple game, the game has managed to win the hearts and soul of people across the ages. EA is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the game with an update that brings new tournaments, avatars, and a special anniversary finisher.

Tetris Blitz Windows Phone There are new powerups, finishers and a special 80’s inspired music to accompany the new gameplay. If you’re a fan of avatars, you can pick up some cool anniversary avatars in this update, and then finish off your game with a specially made Tetris Birthday Cake Finisher.

Tetris Blitz is a great casual game that you can never tire playing. The latest update should only spice up the gameplay. Hit the button below to see all the new features in action on your Windows Phone.

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