Enter the Feline World With Cat Story

Cat Story Windows Phone

Love cats? Probably not as much as Game Garden, the developers of Cat Story. What you get with Cat Story is a fairly odd game filled with humanized cats and is a huge mixture of puzzle, time management and scavenger hunt gameplay. Basically the story of Cat Story is you and your cat crew find yourselves shipwrecked and now you must build a new life on this island.

Cat Story 1

Cat Story 2

Cat Story 3

Cat Story 4

To accomplish building this new society Cat Story is filled with various quests. These quests range from doing scavenger hunts to find supplies to actually building structures. Resource management is another fairly big aspect to Cat Story as you will need to balance food and building materials which you can get by tapping various bushes and trees on the island. Note it takes food to do anything (sort of like an energy system). Graphics and animations in Cat Story are extremely well done and really paint this alternate world well. There is plenty to do in Cat Story and each thing is different which is nice. If you like any of the aspects that make up Cat Story then it is worth a download for your Windows Phone.

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