Epic TCG Strategy Game Magic Realms Comes to Windows Phone

If you love trading card games that come with a little bit of fantasy, magic, and monsters, check out Mobote Games’ free to play Magic Realms. In the game, you battle on the side of the Northern alliance against the Scarlet Nation to restore peace to the Magic Realms. The game features over 80 stages of gameplay where each stage plays out like a story.

In each battle round you select a random card from the deck and prepare it for battle. When the preparation time is complete you move your card to the battle zone. Once the cards are placed in the battle zone, they will automatically start attacking the opponent’s Hero. The game features over 200 cards each carrying its own attributes such as Attack and HP and you unlock new cards as you progress through each stage.

As you win battles you can boost the health and attack attributes of your cards and unlock new abilities. Apart from the single player campaign, you can also enjoy PvP action by joining clans and fighting against other players. There’s the usual chat support offering for fans who like to communicate and strategize with other players.

Ranked matches will help you compete with players for top leaderboard rankings and you can watch battle replays to study the tactics and deck building strategies of other players before you head off to meet your enemies.

Magic Realms is available on the Windows Phone Store for free with the sweet promise of free gold and gems for players who log in every day.

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