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Bubble Blast 3D Windows Phone

You may remember the original Bubble Blast game as it is kind of a classic but now that classic has made its way to 3D graphics on on the Windows Store with Bubble Blast 3D. The original has been downloaded over 25 million times. Bubble Blast 3D takes the classic addicting chain reaction gameplay we all know and makes it even better.

Bubble Blast 3D

Bubble Blast 3D 2

The big aspect, other than the new 3D graphics in Bubble Blast 3D, is that there are over 10,000 levels in the puzzle mode. That is an insane amount that will keep you busy for literal days. In addition to the puzzle mode levels there is an infinite arcade mode. Gameplay for Bubble Blast 3D is the classic chain reaction gameplay that may sound easy but can be tricky and is certainly addicting. You can also customize the main character in Bubble Blast 3D for a little bit of extra customization. Overall, the Bubble Blast series is an addiction staple and now Bubble Blast 3D by Magma Mobile is the same!

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