Face Your Fears With Into the Dead; Now For Windows 8.1

Into the Dead Windows 8 (1)

Most endless runner games are fairly generic and two dimensional both in the literal sense and in just how they lack much substance. PikPok, however, has put out a game called Into the Dead that aims to change previous thoughts about the trite runner genre.

Into the Dead Windows 8 (2)

Into the Dead Windows 8 (3)

Into the Dead Windows 8 (4)

Into the Dead Windows 8 (5)

How have they accomplished this? Basically in the presentation of it all. Gameplay is extremely intense as it has you not only running away from zombies but also gunning them down in tight situations as you run along. Visuals and sound effects are stunning and really paint the grim zombie apocalypse scene quite well. To make things fun for all there are a lot of different weapons you can unlock to unleash fury on the undead. In addition to all those features, there are leaderboards to compete with your friends. Into the Dead by PikPok has made the jump from iOS and Android devices to Windows 8.1 and RT if you are so inclined to download a solid zombie themed game.

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