Fantasy Based Strategy Game Cloud Raiders Lands on Windows Phone

Cloud Raiders Windows Phone

Game Insight, developers of popular city building games such as Airport City and 2020: My Country are out with their latest Windows Phone game and this one is an action strategy battle game called Cloud Raiders.

In the game you crash land on a deserted floating island in the sky and decide to make it your base. However, with sky pirates hot on your heels, you are forced to protect yourself and your new home from the intruders. If you love Clash of Clans, Cloud Raiders is a game you’re going to enjoy. The game mechanics are pretty much the same. You build your base, fortify it with the necessary defense equipment such as traps, cannons and so on, recruit an army, train and send them to invade enemy units for loot and then use the booty to further strengthen your base and army so you can do it all over again and some more.

Cloud Raiders 1

Cloud Raiders 2

Cloud Raiders 3

Cloud Raiders 4

Cloud Raiders is both a defense and offense game. Sky pirates including big bosses will land on the islands now and again and you can tap on the map to release troops and weapons to defend your base. You can also tap on the Spy Glass to catapult your island over a sky pirate ship and attack them.

For the social gamer, there’s a lot to be happy about. You can join clans and fight PvP battles with other clans from around the world. Cloud Raiders has cute colorful graphics, fun animations and should be a cool game to check into every day, should you choose to play. If you love action strategy games with a PvP element, be sure to grab this game from the Windows Phone Store. It is available for the price of free.

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