FIFA 14 Comes to Windows 8 and Windows Phone With Xbox Live

FIFA 14 Cover

The FIFA series is easily one of the most popular soccer themed video games and us windows users have been lacking in the FIFA 14 department. Until now that is! Now, FIFA 14 is out on the Windows Store for Windows 8 PCs, tablets and Windows Phone. Should also mention that it has Xbox Live enabled so you can get all those glorious achievements and such as well.

FIFA 14 Windows (1)FIFA 14 Windows (2)FIFA 14 Windows (3)FIFA 14 Windows (4)

In case you haven’t read up on the new FIFA 14 it actually has changed the formula a bit. There are all new touch based controls that go in depth for every tackle, pass, and shot. In general, FIFA 14 has 34 leagues, over 600 teams, and over 16,000 players. You can create your own “dream” team by earning credits to buy them as well as trading them. There are three extra modes in FIFA 14; Manager, Tournament, and Kick Off giving us even more content. You can download FIFA 14 for free today on the Windows Store.

Windows 8 Store Windows Phone Store

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