FIFA 14 Out Now For Windows Phone

FIFA 14 Windows Phone (1)

If you’re a soccer (or football) then I’m sure you have been excited for the FIFA series and specifically the new FIFA 14 that was released this year. Well, now FIFA fans who own a Windows Phone can rejoice as FIFA 14 for Windows Phone is finally out!

FIFA 14 Windows Phone (2)

FIFA 14 Windows Phone (3)

FIFA 14 Windows Phone (4)

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Whether you like the idea or not, this time FIFA 14 comes with no price tag. Yep, that means it is free! You can get all the current rosters and stats in your pocket for nada. This is gold for real soccer fans as you get to play with real players and real teams. Or, if you’re so inclined, you can create your own custom team by trading different players and such. There are different modes of gameplay as well you can get such as kick-off and manager. This time around with FIFA 14 there are new innovative touch screen controls that really make a big difference. Again, some people may not like the freemium aspect that Electronic Arts took this time around with FIFA but FIFA 14 is well worth checking out.

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