Fly the Skies as an Indian Air Force Pilot in Air Combat SIM Guardians

GUARDIANS Windows phone

The Indian Independence day is still a little less a month away, but its never too late to get into the patriotic spirit. The Indian Air Force, yep…you read it right…. has released an official combat SIM game that lets you step into the shoes of an Indian Air Force combat pilot and experience the thrill of flying for India. The game is called Guardians and it claims to be “the most elaborate collection of flying missions” seen in a mobile game.

You first get acquainted with your fighter jet, a twin-engine two-seater Sukhoi SU 30, in the Training mode and then move on to the mission-based gameplay. As you progress through each of the ten missions, you get to fly other aircraft including the M2000, Tejas, Phalcon AWACS, C130, Mi 17, Mi 35 and ALH Dhruv.





There are 10 missions in the game and the first two ones are solely focused on building up the storyline of the game, which revolves around the growing tensions between India and a fictional state Zaruzia. The remaining 8 missions take place in the atmosphere of a full fledged war between the two countries and features all operational mission profiles that pilots in the Indian Air Force face.

The key features of the game are its realistic mission profiles and highly detailed aircraft models. Players can also get a feel of the various types of fighters, transport and helicopter aircraft in the Indian Air Force and observe how modern air to air and air to ground weapon combats take place.

Guardians will feature missiles and LGBs in its next update (Oct 2014) along with multiplayer capabilities (up to 6 players), cockpit simulation mode for the last 8 missions and aircraft skin upgrades.

The game is optimized for low end devices and is available on the Windows Phone Store for the price of free. Check it out and tell us what you think of the game.

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