Is Free the Network the Most Difficult Endless Runner on Windows Phone?

Endless runners are just casual time wasters that don’t require too much effort on your part. But the just released game from Pixel Blimp called Free the Network is something else altogether. It’s a rather minimalistic runner with just three colors on the screen. The ball is represented by white, the shapes are all black and the background colors vary as you navigate through different zones. Your task is to steer your ball through a rugged three dimensional pipe.

Pressing the left and right side of the screens will rotate the pipe and as the ball moves forward you need to ensure that you don’t hit any of the black shapes that are on the pipe. Although it much easier to use the manual controls you can use the tilt controls to twist and turn the pipe, if it suits you.

Free the Network 1

Free the Network 2

A unique concept in this game lies in the use of flags, which can act as checkpoints. Clicking a flag at the bottom of the screen will let you start from that point on, in case you crash. You have only 20 flags at your disposal though. If you want more, you can pick them up via IAPs. (10 flags cost just under a dollar).

You play for personal best times and compete with friends for top scores. If it sounds easy, why don’t you check out the game and then tell us if this isn’t the most challenging runner you’ve played yet.

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