Futuristic Space Shooter Solar Warfare Lands on Windows Phone Store

Solar Warfare Windows Phone

TegTap has taken its own sweet time to bring its futuristic space shooter game Solar Warfare onto the Windows Phone Store, but now that its finally here, you can do what you’ve been longing to do for so long: shoot the bad guys above and beyond the galaxies.

In the game, you play a brave hero who must navigate his space ship across 8 worlds and defeat marauding space invaders. If you really need a storyline to take you through the gameplay, you can read through the scrolling text version, or else just skip it and go straight to the action. In each level you have to hunt down enemies, destroy them and then deal with a big boss. Coins earned during gameplay will help you buy weapon and shield upgrades, missiles and revival kits to make your future missions easier.

Solar Warfare 1

Solar Warfare 2

Solar Warfare 3

Solar Warfare 4

Controls are a key factor in shooter games and Solar Warfare’s ones are solid. The ship flies in auto mode and you tilt the device to aim in a particular direction and then hold if you want to fire. A button at the bottom of the screen is to fire homing missiles, while the one at the left will let you increase the speed of the ship. You can even stop the ship to give you better control when you’re aiming your shots.

Solar Warfare has stunning 3D graphics and is quite colorful for a space shooter. The game offers MOGA support, should you wish to enjoy it on the bigger screen and is even available for low memory devices. You can give the trial a go before you buy it for $1.99. (If you’re yearning for a Windows 8 version, the good news is that you’ll have it before the end of the year.)

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